Saturday, February 22, 2014

This week in my garden

      Here it is nearly the end of February. It was a lovely week of celebration for my daughter's Birthday. It was also a big week in the garden. I harvested lots of tomatoes that I turned into Tomato Chutney. It was delicious and I have 5  good jars of it. We harvested a few cucumbers and some strawberries as well. 
      My darling created 3 new garden beds and we have planted out cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and rocket in one of those. We planted a  passion fruit vine on the wire of the chook enclosure and also a raspberry bush.
     Today we carried out the big job of planting a hedge along our back boundary. there were 25 plants in all and it was quite a task but I'm happy to see it almost finished! We realised we needed a few more plants to complete the job!
My sister was up for the weekend so we all joined in the planting and spacing. I think it will be a great hedge one day!

It was a lovely week in the garden. I have wandered about taking some pics to share..

we had some cheeky visitors!

the girls are growing fast 


  1. Your garden is lovely! I loved seeing your 'cheeky visitors'! How beautiful they are!

  2. Thank You Marissa, for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate you taking time to write.