Sunday, July 5, 2015

June Days

June brought our family some beautiful gifts. First of all there was the birth of our first granddaughter Miss Matilda Grace. What beautiful little miracle she is. Our daughter Claire gave birth to Matilda in her own bedroom on the 13th June. We got to meet her just hours later and we are just completely in love with her.
We also celebrated  the birthdays of 3 other family members.
The next wonderful news was that of the announcement of my lovely daughter Sarah's Engagement to her darling Emmanuel. We are just so happy for them both.
So this last month was full to overflowing with joy.
I have been busy minding grand babies and helping the new little family settle in to being a family of four. I have smothered My gorgeous Samuel with grandma attention and helped with all those tasks that help keep a home running. 
We have been wedding dress shopping and browsing at flowers and bridesmaid dresses. The wedding will be in Hong Kong which adds another level of excitement to the occasion.
Back at home we are still working on the building of our garage. It is coming along nicely too.

My garden is wearing winter well, with the beautiful purple of the Hardenbergia in all its purple glory. There are bulbs pushing through the cold earth preparing for the arrival of spring. The chooks are growing and laying and we had our first blue/green egg last week!

All in all it has been busy but wonderful!
My heart is full of gratitude once more.