Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A year in the mountains...

 We have just celebrated our one year anniversary of living in the mountains. I have honestly loved every part of it! I feel so blessed to live here in this house and in this garden. It is mid winter here and it has been COLD! We have great central heating which we have used constantly. We have had quite a few frosty mornings and a couple of days with light snow!  I have enjoyed the definite change in seasons here.  On the coast we had really mild winters and the summer was always tempered with a light sea breeze. I do miss the seaside, but I love the mountain air. Right now most of the trees are bare and the grass is quite dry and not too green. There are bulbs starting to poke their heads through the cold earth promising a spring in the not too distant future.We have been very busy here both inside our home and out in the garden. We have planted lots of trees and shrubs, bulbs and perennials. We  have submitted some plans for approval  to our local council for a new garage and some extensions to our home. 
We have some long term goals that we are working towards and we have happily put down our roots. We really want to make this wonderful old cottage our forever home.


                                   “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"

                                                                  Audrey Hepburn


Monday, July 21, 2014

Our new additions...

This week we picked up three little chicks for our hen Myrtle. She has been quite broody and sitting patiently on the nest for a few weeks and since we have no rooster we bought her some babies to adopt. There are not enough words to express how cute they are.  So I thought I'd just show you all some pictures instead!

 We named them Dot, Gladys and Hazel...