Friday, March 7, 2014

The most important things in life...

     Today is my birthday. We love to celebrate well in our family, so I have been showered with gifts and well wishes and an abundance of love. My Sister Fiona is visiting and took me out to the magnificent Paragon Cafe in Katoomba, where we had a pleasant morning tea. We got to wander through the lovely old building built in 1916 and decorated in the Art Deco style.
     The sun is shining today, so after a week of rain it was nice to wander in my garden and enjoy the sunshine. 
       I spent a few days in Sydney this week with my daughter Claire and her husband and my little grandson Samuel. This week he learned how to clap! It is amazing how much joy that gave me! 
  I was born in Scotland on the 8th of March 1957. I am 57 years old.Today is a happy day. I am loved and cherished, who could ask for more than that? I am grateful and thankful for this life I have been given.

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