Thursday, February 6, 2014

Summer in the mountains...

This has been my first Summer in the mountains. It is all new to me but feels strangely familiar and normal. We do get some hot days but they tend to be softened by a few days here and there with days cold enough to need a blanket round my knees in the evening. Makes knitting  a very enjoyable pastime. We have been blessed with some more rainy days as well. The garden is soaking it up and looking very green. I love it here!

We have a new side fence which affords us some nice privacy. We have also been working on a little fenced off area to house and contain a few 'chooks' as we call chickens here in Australia. We have been painting a little hen house too, it will be so much fun to have our own chickens and eggs!

We had a lovely Sunday celebrating the Dedication Service of our beautiful Grandson, Samuel. He is such a wonderful blessing in our lives!

This week we have been harvesting a bit of fruit from our trees and I have tried my hand at making jams with the fruit. I'm quite pleased with the result and I'm excited to have mastered some new skills. 

It has been a good week.
My heart is contented and full.

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  1. What a cute hen house! Lovely photos!