Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebration of life.

        This week coming up my beautiful daughter Claire, turns 30. I am amazed that the years have gone so quickly. I don't feel  particularly old, in fact  I am mostly the same girl who brought that wonderful human being into the world all those years ago. I've seen a lot in  those years. I have gained wisdom and strength. I've dreamed dreams and had hopes crushed and felt so much joy and many sorrows. 
    The day before she was born her grandfather (my Father in law ) was killed in a tragic car accident. It was horrible but I had my precious little bundle to care for and nurture. Now my lovely girl is a  Mumma herself. She has given us our first Grandchild, our darling Samuel. It gives me so much joy watching her surround her son with devotion, care, laughter and love. She is doing what she was born to do. I remember when she was a wee girl cuddling her dolls and when she was a teenager, a Dr once asked her what she wanted to do as her career, she quickly said she wanted to be a wife and mother. This answer was deemed to be unsuitable by him but she just told the truth! It was all she ever wanted. 
         My darling girl, being her mum is the easiest thing in the world! She is altogether lovely. She is a devoted wife and mother. A wonderful friend. A fine and talented photographer. A sweet daughter and a loved and special sister. She is kind and nurturing , she has a wonderful sense of fun and is learning to embrace adventure and new experiences. She has a strong sense of what she most desires in this life and she pursues her dreams. I am so very proud to watch her become the amazing woman she was created to be. I am more than blessed...
          Happy Birthday to our beautiful Girl...

My three darling girls

Claire and her boy (photo by Claire)

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