Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chooks , gardens and loads of rain...

        Last week we picked up three gorgeous chooks from the farm down the mountain. We brought them home and got them settled into their new surroundings. We introduced them to the rest of the family. Meela really was eager to make friends and our grumpy cat Whitey was not at all interested! We had fun naming our girls, the white Sussex hen is named Patsy, the beautiful black Australorp is Betty and our cute little Wyandotte Buff we called Myrtle.
      They are not old enough to start laying yet but in a few weeks we will be collecting our own eggs!
      We have had a good few days of heavy rain and lots of  fog. The garden has soaked it all up. Last week we planted a few fruit trees so I'm sure it will have done them good. We planted two apple trees, a pear tree and a mandarin. I also have an olive tree ready to be planted. This afternoon the sun came out and I headed out with my camera...


  1. It is wonderful having chooks, they bring so much to the garden. Great names too! You are so lucky to have had some rain, we haven't had any at all for nearly six months now. I bet the newly planted fruit trees loved the rain, and it is so good being able to pick your own fruit. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Thanks Sharon, we haven't had chooks of our own for over 20 years and I am loving it! I do hope rain heads your way soon! We have definitely had our fair share up here.. Thanks for your lovely comments :)

  2. Hi Elspeth,

    Those names are very nice, they are quite fitting names for the girls. I know you'll be so pleased to come find that first egg! When we found our first egg last year, you would have thought we had a golden egg in our hands! We passed it around admiring it like it was such! ha! :)