Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fencing, knitting, cooking and gardening...

Life has been so very busy this week for us here. We have had my lovely sister visiting over the Australia Day long weekend, I even had her knitting for me! We currently have some fence building in progress. It will be wonderful to have it finished as then Meela , our Beagalier, will have more space to run and wander and lots more things to sniff at. We are also busily making a smaller fenced area to keep some chooks in. Can't wait till we have our own fresh eggs!
We have had some cooler days which were a pleasant relief from the heat. I am not a fan of really hot days! Must be my Scottish blood!
We harvested some decent sized beetroot from our veggie garden which I roasted with some other root vegetables. YUM!
Today I have just finished off a couple more Tea Cosies to sell on my 'Facebook Page'.      www.facebook.com/mymountaincottage
Some new business cards arrived in the mail and a new Hydrangea rubber stamp to play with. I'm dreaming up some fun ideas for that!
So all in all it has been a busy but fun week.
Thanks again for visiting 

Dusky Pink Tea Cosy topped with Iceberg White Roses

Lavender tea cosy topped with White and lilac Hydrangea flowers

My daughter Sarah designed this lovely card for me
My gorgeous Hayley Modelling my Tea Cosy and Pinny

Beetroot fresh from our garden.

close up of the lovely stitching on my Lavender Pinny 


  1. Hello from Scotland! I think you and I are opposite bookends: you prefer the cooler temps and I would give anything for that warmth I grew up with in the South! And we're both immigrants, too. Amazing how technology can link people together who never would have met. You have a lovely blog, and you've inspired me to get moving again with Lamb Cottage! It is SO grey and rainy and cold and windy here...it has not made for good photographs lately, but still, I'll try to get out there and get some! Blessings to you and yours from me and mine here in the Highlands!

    1. Thanks so much Stacey, I loved reading your blog posts as well.. I hope the weather improves soon.. The rain can be a bit bleak when it goes on for ages! Last time I was in Scotland was March 2012 and it was still pretty cold.. Lovely to meet you.

  2. Sarah is very talented - I like her card design and Hayley is a beautiful model for mom's beautiful apron and tea pot cozy!