Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A rainy day in the garden

It has been lovely and cool up here in the mountains for the last few days. I have really enjoyed the break from the warmer weather and we have been blessed with some light drizzly rain. The garden is soaking up the moisture and drinking it all in.
So today I ventured out with my husband's Canon EOS 400D digital camera to practice my limited photography skills. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everything looks fresh and so pretty with raindrops on leaves and petals,and mist in the air.


  1. Wow! Some amazing shots Miss Elspeth!
    The little purple faces poking out of their hanging basket are so vivid and gorgeous!

  2. Hi Elspeth - just writing to let you know that you have won my giveaway! If you would be able to get in touch with me (email or facebook message is fine), send me your address I'll get your prints sent over to you!
    Much love, Julia Crossland

  3. Thanks for sharing your life and garden! I enjoy your blog and Instagram posts very much!

    1. Thank you very much Teresa,
      I appreciate you taking the time to share such lovely comments.