Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time to gather my thoughts...

It has been an emotionally draining few weeks with lots of tears but also love and laughter. I always find I need time to recharge my emotional tank with lots of time alone in my garden. I need time to think. Time to pray. Time to remember who I am and what makes me glad. Life can be challenging and I find I need courage to face my days.
It is also full of joy. I just need to remind myself to go find it!

Spring has well and truly arrived. All the early spring bulbs have blossomed and finished flowering. The fruit trees and rhododendrons have been flowering and covering the garden with carpets of petals.

My garden and home are my solace, my happy place, my refuge..

 "Spend time in a flower garden. Stay there as long as you wish, but make sure your visit is long enough to take in the various charms that the world of blossoms and petals provides. You can sit in a chair or on the grass, lie down looking up at the flowers from below, or walk around. However you choose to spend your time, be aware that you are a guest in someone else's home — nature's — so act accordingly."
'Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. ' 

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