Saturday, October 25, 2014

Feels like Summer

The last few days have been so warm it feels as though summer is not far off. In fact its only 8 weeks till Christmas! I am waiting patiently for my roses to bloom. I have lots of buds ready to open. The two climbing roses beside the house are flowering and looking lovely. 
The trees are green once more and giving much needed shade and it's warm enough for flies and bees and those pesky mosquitoes too!
I take much pleasure in wandering through my garden, pulling a few weeds and taking off the dead flowers here and there. I have planted a few seedlings, some successful others not. I think I needed to leave them a little longer before I planted them out. I'll remember that for next time though. The grass is greening up and needs mowing more often these days. 
My dream is to create a peaceful place to wander and think as well as having a thriving veggie garden to provide us with food for our table. 

“As I leave the garden

I take with me a renewed view,

And a quiet soul.” 

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