Friday, March 28, 2014

a pleasant Saturday drive...

We have had a wet week here. It has kept us indoors a lot. Today we got up and though it was cloudy the sun was trying really hard to peep through the clouds. So we decided it would be a great day for a drive. We headed west on the Great Western Highway towards Blackheath. Our first stop was Evan's Lookout where we took in some magnificent Views of the Grosse Valley.
  When we got to Blackheath itself we crossed the Railway line and headed down to the Megalong Valley where we stopped for a leisurely lunch at the Megalong Tea House. It was delish! Home made Pie and salad. 
It was such a pleasant day, just my darling and I enjoying each other's company and getting away from everyday chores and worries. It was lovely to be in the fresh country air and see the countryside. There were farms and cows and rusty old sheds. I feel refreshed and relaxed and happy to have just stopped and smelled the roses or in this case cow manure!!

 Most of these pictures were taken by my darling who has given me his permission to use them.  

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