Monday, February 16, 2015

Lovely February

February has brought us lots of rain and a fair bit of sunshine too. The days are flying past and I want to savour each one. We are busily preparing to begin the renovations on our lovely old home. We should be ready to begin in earnest in March. So we have been looking for all the things we will need. Choosing taps and hardware, I found a beautiful old Mantelpiece for my Sister's bedroom and a lovely old wash stand to use as a Vanity unit in our bathroom. I've been looking at tiles and bricks and wall colours. It's all very exciting and I am itching to get started but as you know renovating calls for much patience!
The garden is a bit messy right now. The spot where the garage will go is a bit of an eyesore and when I take photos I try to crop it out! The Hydrangea are coming to the end of their flowering but my roses look set to bud and flower all over again. There are some Autumn flowering bulbs poking their heads up already.
How wonderful it is to watch the seasons change in the garden!

Hubby has started building a new bigger chook house, it is going to be something to behold and he is enjoying the challenge. I'm still waiting for him to get back to the garden arch he has planned for me! 
We are enjoying a few days on our own this week. Nothing special planned just pottering around the house enjoying each others company.

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