Wednesday, December 17, 2014


It is once again the lead up to Christmas. I love this time of year and  I have been fairly organised and I've managed to remain calm and stress free. I have just been able to enjoy it all. Perhaps it's because I am not working outside the home this year.

I still have a few presents to wrap and I will sit down soon and write out our Christmas lunch menu. We have 9 family and friends to sit round our Christmas Table.
I've been able to spend time in the garden which always gives me a feeling of peace.

There have been some terrible things going on in the world lately. Children murdered in their classrooms in Pakistan and a hostage situation here in a Sydney Cafe which left two people dead and some injured. It was quite distressing.
I wrote this on an instagram post about it..

'My heart weeps today. For a world that is broken. For a world where children can be shot in their classrooms. Where madmen can use weapons to kill and destroy. For mothers whose children will not come home. Weep with those who weep.. But I cannot join in the hate. It is too great a burden to bear. Hate fixes nothing.. I stop a moment to mourn the loss of innocents. 
I pray for a better world..'

Today I have quietly and purposefully sought silence and 

peace in my garden, taking in the beauty of 

my surroundings and giving thanks for this life I have been


 It had been raining overnight so there were lovely raindrops on all the petals..

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